Who has passed their Associate Reactive Developer certification on first pass?

Hi all, I am taking my first Outsystems certification test i.e. the Associate Reactive Developer in the very near future. I have completed the "Becoming a Reactive Web Developer" guided path twice and starting to review the additional online documentation.  I was curious to find out how many folks out there have passed the exam with just doing the Guided Path and reviewing the documentation.  

Best, E


Hi Eldy,

It should be doable, the main point is understanding what is going on. The Guided paths do povide you with the information you need. (for a good overview of what is needed check the files downloaded after clicking "Exam Details" on this page: https://www.outsystems.com/certifications/

At the end it all comes down to how easily you pick up information. Some people need/prefer a bootcamp. Others find the guided paths to be enough.
Just a warning of caution, the exam questions of OutSystems do tend to be written in a way tryin to trick you. So carefully read the questions. And make sure you understand all the material from the guided paths

Thank you Eric!  


One advice, not just to pass successfully the exam but to be better in outsystems programming: practice. Practice a lot. If you do that you will be more comfortable with the questions because you will understand mutch better what they mean. 

I wish you the best of lucks and, relax and like Eric wrote, be careful reading the questions, they can be tricky if you don't pay attention. 

Best regards, 

Ricardo Pereira 

Thank you Ricardo!

Hi @Eldy Deines  

   If you are planning for the certification, then you just need to revise the Training course and also training quiz

    These are enough for the certification.



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