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Hi Good People...

I am creating an Application that Calculates  Expenses... so what it does is, After inserting(input) the amount of each expense in a form, it gives you the Total, date, and created by in a list which is fine.. 

Now my question is, what can I do if I want it to show all calculated  Expenses OR Lebel in a LISTe.g

  • RENT    $400
  • food      $100
  • Clothes $200
  • subscriptions $50

TOTAL      $750

And I also want it to Show a Sign of Currence eg $, euro, R(RAND) ETC

thank you in advance

Screenshot (17).png

Hi again,

like I wrote in the other post, if you save that data in the database you can easily manipulate it and display in various way on your screens.

To add currency, if you need different currency per expense you should create a Static Entity Currency with the list of currencies you want. Then create a foreign key attribute of type Currency identifier on your Expenses table. Display in the screen according to the currency selected when you add a new expense.


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