Text Mining / Document Similarities Detection


Is there any possible to implement Text Similarity / Document Similarity in Oustsytems?

Cause I have case like this:

1. We have so a hundreds  of document containing brainstorming idea. 

2. Usually, we as comittee need to filter idea that are alike by reading it each.

3. So, I have solving idea came up ; to using "text similarity" that give first warning after an user upload their idea. document or text format, and it shows how many percent this uploaded idea alike to other ideas uploaded by others.


Hi Steven,

As far as I know, this is not a built-in functionality but OutSystems can easily integrate with third parties to do such things via an API like Dandelion, for instance. 

Nonetheless, my first approach would be to avoid reinventing the wheel and see what already exists in the OutSystems Forge. Searching for text similarity in the Forge, there are a few options that you can install and try out, and reuse in your project.

Kind Regards,

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