What is the language output after detach for web and mobile?
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Traditional Web, Mobile

Hello all

we are evaluating a detach process, and part of that is to understand what is the new structure of the development team we need. 

My question is, what is the technology stack output for Mobile and Web applications? is it React Native and React respectively? What additional frameworks and libraries should be considered?

Also, do de detach provide the source code for all the plugins or forge elements used in the application?

Thanks for the help!

Maybe this document can help you out:

The Detach process

Hi Mariano, thanks for the answer.

I've reviewed that post and it does not contain information that can help me answer my questions. for example it just mentions that it will generate an APK or IPA  and how to import it, but it doesn't say if it is native code (Kotlin, java, swift, objective c)

Well, Outsystems runs on .net so there's going to be a lot of C# code, for server actions and the sort. Web apps will be html, css, and javascript. Doubt you'll get the native react code, but could be wrong.

For mobile it shows there that you can download the source code for each one generated (given it's been generated in the last 7 days). Never had the need to do this myself so I can't tell you. But the document I posted mentions Android Studio and Xcode necessary so I'm assuming Java and Objective C

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