SQL Database changes not reflected at outsystems entity
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Hello Team,

I have sql database is associated with the outsystems. I have made the changes directly into the database, add few columns in the existing sql table. But unfortunately those columns not reflected in the outsystems entity.
Can someone please help me to understand how these changes will reflect from the database table to outsystems entity.



to start off: you should never change the scheme of directly in the database. All schema changes must be done using service studio.

Service Studio itself does not read directly the database structure from underlying dbms. Instead all entities along with entity attributes are stored within an OutSystems entities (Entity and Entity_Attr in System). So when you edit your scheme directly (which you shouldnt :-) ) service studio is not aware of that.

If you have the need of directly interacting with a database you might be better of externalising that database and integrate your data using Integration Studio.



Hi Stefan,

thanks for the quick reply, so according to your reply, i must have to setup external database for the direct communication instead of outsystems entity and it will resolve my problem. Is it correct understanding?


for OutSystems app databases you should always and only use ServiceStudio. Only if you have a separate database (not part of the Outsystems environment) you should use Integation Studio.




If you use external database, then you connected using Integration studio right ?

If you change the external database, then you must reopen on Integration studio for the changes to take effect.


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