errors with version incompatibilities

errors with version incompatibilities

I Have Version: Service Studio installed on my computer, I'm developing some applications in the home to train, when I load one-click publish to run application, it asks me the following error: this version of Service Studio ( is not compatible with the selected platform Server (
can you help me solve this problem?
i can not run my application
Hi Nilson,

Well, what that message means is that you are trying to publish to a Server which is in an older version. Why are you using 5.1? Does your training/project/customer use 5.1? 

There are 3 alternatives. You should either:

a) Download Service Studio 5.0 and use that instead, to train in the server you have;
b) Upgrade the Server to 5.1 as well, but that needs to be addressed with the person responsible for the server;
c) or, lastly, install your own free community edition in your laptop and use a trial cloud server that to train. Do notice, however, that the Community Edition is in version 6.0, so I would only advise this if you are not going to work on previous versions, since some things might have changed.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares