using users in an existing database

using users in an existing database


i am new in using the platform. it seems that the users in logging in the server is set in the platform. what if i have an existing database? and the users for logging in are in my database? how can i use my database and not the users in the platform itself? having a hard time on this one.. thank you in advance.

Jabee -

I think you are getting a little bit confused between the users. There are two types of users here.

* Users that log in to the database. The configuration tool allows you to set these. Different users have different purposes like accessing the data, logging errors to the error log table, and so on. If you have an existing database, you will want to add these users to that database so you can keep their permissions separate for security.

* Users of the system itself. These users can be mapped to Active Directory or LDAP users, or they can be 100% stored within the database itself. These users will not exist at the database level (in other words, you can't use them to log into the database), but the information about the users is stored in the database, in the table OSSYS.Users.

Hi James,

thank you for your response. yes i'm really confused regarding users.

what do you mean by users of the system itself? are there other ways to login to an application without logging into the system first?

one more thing, when using the outsystem, which server am i actually accessing? is it the server of the outsystem itself even if it says that host name is localhost? can i configure it in order to connect to right away to my own server?

sorry i'm still learning how to use the agile platform and i have limited knowledge of it.

Jabee -

I mean "users of the application you wrote", sorry for the confusion.

If the server name is "localsystem" than it is connecting to that same machine, not an OutSystems server.