screen shot of App Feedback does not consists of graph buit by java script library
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in my project, i used app feedback for test team to report bugs.

When test team member comment on the screen that have a graph buit by java script library (e-chart), the comment was sent to app feedback. But when login to app feedback and check the comment's screen shot, the screen shot is displayed without the graph.
I don't know whether that is function of app feedback cannot screenshoot thirdparty component or this is a bug?
if that is just a misktake because i miss configuration some where or something, can anny body give me a comment? or give me a workaround for this problem pls.

if can, Can anybody explain the mechanism of feedback screenshot for me?

@Cristiana Umbelino
Sorry for tagging but, can you confirm this issue for me?

Thank a lot.


Hi Nguyen,

Not sure why you're tagging Cristiana. I'll see if I can find someone who can answer this.

Thank you Kilian for your notice, hope I can receive a feedback about this problem soon.

Best regards.

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