Configure SEO Friendly URLs

Configure SEO Friendly URLs

Hi all,
I'm having some issues configuring SEO Friendly URLs. I follow the Technical Note, step-by-step, but in the end i'm getting an error in Event Viewer. The error message is Could not write logs to 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\logs\OsISAPI.log'. Please make sure IIS has write access to this folder.

I have granted Modify permission on folder logs to user NETWORK SERVICE.

Can anyone help me? 

João Fonseca
Hi João

Make sure the ASPNET user (Windows XP), or IIS_WPG group (on Windows 2003) or IIS_IUSRS group (on Windows Vista\7\2008) also have Modify priviledges on that folder.


Miguel Simões João
Problem solved. 

Thanks Miguel
You should select the built-in user/group (ASPNET, IIS_WPG or IIS_IUSRS) from your local machine, not from the domain. That's because it's that local user/group that has the required rights and permissions to run your .Net applications.