Incompatibility between widgets and IE7

Hi fellows.
I'm dealing with an issue  related with an incompatibility between widgets and IE7.
I need to load a large mount of data to a screen and I want users to have a good navigation experience, so I used the List Late_load widget. However, when I use this widget the list navigation widget doesn't show at screen, on IE7. I already tried some workarounds but the issue subsists.
Anyone knows a way to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.
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Does the navigation widget shows on the other browsers? The problem might be in the ajax refresh inside the action called by the list late load.
You need to refresh the container with the list and the navigation widget inside.

Normaly you have a main container with 3 other divs inside, 1 with the list counter, 1 with the table record and 1 with the list navigation.
Your refresh should refresh the main container, so all the other 3 are also refreshed.

Cipriano Teibão
The navigation widget shows on other browsers and on other versions of IE, the problem it's only with IE7.
Maybe it's something related with the way IE7 renders the screen, I don't have a clue.

The way I refresh the table is by refreshing the main container, table_wrapper.

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Raquel Feitor