Themes and Costumized Menus

Themes and Costumized Menus


I've built my own menu as a Web Block. Now, I'm trying to add it to my Theme, in the Menu Property, but It's always saying this:

"Invalid Theme
The 'Common\MyMenu' web block is not valid to be used as the menu of the 'TEST' theme."

Why is this happening?
Can't I add my custom menu to a theme? What do I need to do so it became valid?

I've tried creating a web block without input parameters, with the same input parameter as the default menu, and other tests, but the results is always the same. It just accepts the built in menu in the template.

I'm using v6.0.0.6.

Any help would be appreciated.

That's it. Thanks :)

I tried the input parameter, but I was missing the containers with the styles that intelliwarp was expeting.

It's working now, thanks!!