Using Users eSpace to administer access for upgraded eSpace

Using Users eSpace to administer access for upgraded eSpace


I'm trying to use the Users eSpace to administer user rights to an upgraded eSpace that previously used the Enterprice Manager for user rights adminstration.

I've successfully installed the enterprise manager on version and converted a 5.1 eSpace. So far so good. The eSpace can be accessed with users created in the Enterprise Manager.

In the service studio I've set the effective user provider to Enterprise manager and I've redeployed all published versions of available eSpaces.
When I now use the Users eSpace to create a new account and provide that account with the correct permissions for accessing my eSpace it doesn't work. My eSpace doesn't recognize the new account.
Vice versa, in the Users eSpace I don't see the users previously created in the Enterprise Manager.

What am I missing here?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Hi Karel - since yesterday!

I'm glad to hear you went straight home to try it out - it means the presentation was useful :)

I'll ask Pedro to drop by this thread, since there might be something missing in that process.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Karel,

How's everything since yeasterday?

I was talking to the team here and I actually think you are doing everything right. There's probably some kind bug in that area.
Let us explore further and I'll get back to you on this.

Just a question: If you have a new eSpace that points at Users, what users can log in to it? The ones from Enterprise Manager or the ones from Users?

Hi Karel,

Please ensure you set the effective user provider of the Users espace using ServiceCenter as described in the following image:

I've created a new eSpace. User access can only be arranged through the Enterprise Manager.
Users created in the Users eSpace are ignored and don't have access.
I'd rather be using the Users eSpace since the administration there is much simpler. But I need the Enterprise manager for backward compatibility for application created in 5.1.

(The effective user provider of the Users eSpace is set to Enterprise Manager.)
Hi Karel,

We will be realeasing a new version of EnterpriseManager for 6.0 ( in the next couple of weeks) that will have support for users created and roles defined via the Users application. 

I'm looking forward to it!