Video embed not displaying in my browser

Video embed not displaying in my browser

I embedded some video files using expression widget compiled & published with out any errors.but when i view it in the browser the video is missing.doesnt play, samething happens when i publish flash files.I followed alL Steps ,imported them as a resource ,set the target directory,used an expression widget to<embed src =""> and set escape content to used to work out in version 5.1 but since i upgraded to 6.0 it stopped working.
Hi there,

Are you sure that the escape content is used be set to NO?

From what i know, to use HTML code directly in a LABEL the property Escape Content must be set to yes!

Pedro Domingues
Hi Tmlewin and Pedro,

Indeed, the the escape content must be set to no - if you escape the content (which is the default), it will escape it, thus becoming &lt;embed src=&quot;&quot;&gt;  :) It easy to get that mixed up, but that's the correct way to do it ;)

What might have happened, though, is that on 6.0 we added HTML5 compatibility, which implies changing the page <!DOCTYPE> tag. If you click the eSpace node in the tree, the last option says "Screen Rendering". Try changing it between the 3 modes - try XHTML Transitional, Quirks, or HTML5 and see if one of them works. By the way, which of them is set at the moment?

And, just to check, have you tried accessing the video with that embed code in a blank HTML page, to make sure it isn't a video restriction or access problem?

I hope these help.


Paulo Tavares
Thanks Paulo,

My mistake!!! =)