[Html2PdfConverter] how implement Footer and header html2pdf converter?
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Hi community, 

Does anyone have a sample of a PDF generated with the forge component html2pdf convert with footer and header?

I'm having trouble replicating what was explained in this article and I can't find the demo sample that the article claims to have.


I added the OML with what I was able to develop from what I interpreted from the article. The footer still doesn't work, but no error message appears, it keeps loading in a loop...

Please, can anyone help me?

Jessica Marques. 



you can use Html2PdfConverter  to add header and footer to your PDF by include in the Generate PDF Action the property otherarg .you can add setting for print like choose your header HTML or footer HTML and other options like page size,

setting will be like

" --background -T 50mm -L 10 -R 10 -B 23mm   -O Portrait  --page-size A4  --header-spacing 0 --header-html youheaderHTML --footer-spacing 5 --footer-html yourfooterHTML "

Hi @Badr Hussein 

Sorry for the delay to answer. 

I tried this way, is it correct? On my screen it still didn't work.

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques. 

@Jessica Marques you have to replace FooterTest with yout footer Html file path and write it in format like

FooterTest.html   same implementation for the header


Badr Hussein I will try you suggestion in a report I have, 

Jessica Marques , I did add header and footer by adding table inside body tag with the A4 dimentions and set header and footer in the first and last raws

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