Hi everyone,
I want use the attach file, but i can't.
What i need put in "File Content"?

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Hi Paulo,

The file content should be the bile content, i.e. the binary content of the file you want to attach.

Also, remember to add an extension to the filename. :)

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Thanks Paulo,
I need create a new action, as to which is attached?

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I make this Paulo, is correct?
Now, how i give the file path?

In "mime type" it's mandatory put something?


In the "file content" property you should put the Input FileName Widget's content, by default it is "InputFilename1.Content", you should also validate if the user really chose a file or not (InputFilename1.Filename <> "", this is a simple test but doesn't prevent empty files! But it should be enough to get through this stage)  .

Hermínio Mira
I don't understand, sorry.
Can you see my last attach?

Thanks for your help
Hi Paulo,

Given that it's an e-mail, I assume the content is stored in the database, so you need to get it from there, through a query, and send it.

If it comes from a page, you should pass the binary content that you get from a widget - as Herminio mentioned - to an input parameter in your email, of Binary Content type.


Paulo Tavares
I create this in JPG attach. But now i don't know how the platform to say that the file is selected to go to the Attach mail.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Paulo,

Have you looked at our "Send an Email" how to video? I'm pretty sure it covers most of what you're trying to do. Let us know if it helps.


Paulo Tavares
Yes, but this is different to what I want.
I want to attach a file from your computer!

Hello Paulo,

You need to save your attachment in database with a relation to your email entity.

In the email preparation you get the attachment with a query and attach to the email.

Any question, tell us...

Good Weekend!

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Nuno Roxo
Now I understand ... I'll start working on it.
Nuno you are the best to explain.

Thanks, have a nice weekend =)
I have a " Attach Documents " button in my web page creation. I should know how to connect it with the local drive and web too as in mail all ( i.e attach button which displays options like images , pdf , files , videos , contacts , download from server etc... ) . Can you please help me out with that?

What your doubt Nandhini Varadaraj?
Do you want attach documents at DataBase?

In the application we were creating i need an option for the users to attach documents like attaching images , videos , files etc., for the reference of admin... I have already kept a button " Attach Documents ". What i should do inside that button to get that button enabled?

You need create an action for attach the documents at DataBase and you should use the widget "Upload File".

Thank you. But i didnt ask for the attachments of mail. Im asking for the ordinary attacments as i have shown in the attachment below. More or less the same as that is happening below.
Hello Nandhini,

Please take a look at the following forum thread. I think it will send you in the right direction:

Do you want see the content of attach in webpage?
When we are clicking attach button it should display options to attach pics nd stuffs both from our local drive and web. im asking what should we do for this?

Thank you. I got it.


Please check this and tell me where i have done the mistake... I did all the steps but its not getting uploaded.

Thank you!