Have progressed well and all the back end (database) functionality seems to be working well!

Now moving on to the front end of the app, have become a little stuck again and grateful for any suggestions.

I wish to have two menus, one horizontal top menu and another vertical left menu. The latter is where I need some help please.
The left hand menu will also have a sub-menu that appears on selecting its parent.
A search on the forums shows that the last query on left hand menus was back in 2007.

I have attached a jpg with an example screen of what I would like to achieve. (I couldn't find a way of attaching two files, so the attachment shows two screens, one with the left hand menu unexpanded and the next with first menu selected.)

Appreciate any suggestions on how to best achieve this left hand menu.
Thank you,
Hi Mark,
i post a couple of months a component that creates a left side menu. Here the url http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=202

I think is that what you what, a left side menu with n levels.
You have a example inside.

Hi Luis,

Thank you, I will give it a go.
Luís's component has worked well for me. Thanks Luis.