How can I save a csv or txt file to a specific network folder location?
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I am able to create a csv file and download it to my downloads folder see images below. I cannot find any documentation anywhere on how to download or save the file to a specific shared network folder. Can someone show how this is done?

Hey  Aaron,

I'm assuming that you want to save the file directly into a shared folder that your front-end server has access to.

If that is the case you should be able to save those files using this extension:


Luís Almeida

Thanks for the response Luís Almeida.  I have tried to use the File_Write Binary action in this extension in place of the download and it does not work and does not indicate any sort of error. Debugging doesn't indicate any clues either.  Is there any online documentation or known steps on how to successfully use this extension for this?


Aaron Davis

Is your issue resolved, I am having the same issue.

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