Problem with combo box

hi All...
i am new in Agile Plateform,
so i am trying to fill two combo boxes, first one shows Departments and second shows Designations,
so i want, when i changed the value in first combo (Department), the second combo (Designation) should be loaded,the value selected in the first...
or a simlpe example of countries and cities............
Help me.....
Thanxxxxx in advance....
Hi Israr,
In the first combo you need put in the onchange method, the destination, this destination should be a screen action, in these screen action you'll do query to get the values which you want to fill the second combo.
I did a sample, please check the attachment, I didn't tested but the logic should be something like that.
I hope I've helped you.
Nelson Baptista
Thanx for the help,
but your example is also not working.....

the second combo does not shows any value....

You have to name the second combobox and do an Ajax Refresh on in at the end of the RefreshCity action.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Hi Nelson Baptista searched the WEB way to fill a comboBox with a score depending on the item completed in the first comboBox. Same problem for which further develops the comboBox.oml.
Promeiro the onchange method is disable, how to put a destination?
Use the Outsystems
I'm new  Outsystems developer, if you can help thank you in advance.

Hi Eliseu,
I don't know if I understand but if what you want is change the second combobox, based on what you've choose in the first combobox, if it is this, the sample combobox.oml works after you add what Gustavo said "You have to name the second combobox and do an Ajax Refresh on in at the end of the RefreshCity action".
Otherwise, can you share your eSpace to better understand what you want to do.
Nelson Baptista

Hi Nelson,
thanks for your kindness and quickly response.
Yes I named and added Ajax Refresh on end, just before end icon. Now my problem is that when open in browser and I chose one of the options in comboBox  1, page don´t return, only a wite page appears. To return I have to use the navigation narrows on browser and comboBox 2 are still empty.
My problem with share eSpace only have with confidence, if we have other way insted post attach file.?.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Eliseu,

I'm not understanding your problem, so I'll explain from the beggining.
I suggest you to create the variables var1 (Entity1 Identifier) and var2 (Entity2 Identifier), these variables will fill the fields "variable" from your combos.
So, you have two combo boxes, the combo1 and the combo2, on the first, you have to fill the "Source Entity / structure" with the entity you want to select (Entity1) and in the second you have to fill the combo with a query (I'll name it query1) on the "source record List". So, my sugestion is to create the query1 on the preparation with the input atribute var1, in this query1 you have to select the Entity2 by the parameter var1.
Then you have to create the screen action 'action1' and here you just have to call the refresh query of query1 with the same input parameter, do the ajax refresh of the combo2 and it's done :D
It's very important to name all the widgets, don't forget that. ;)

I hope my explanation has helped you, but if you don't understood, just tell me and I can send you an example with the service studio 6.0.

best regards,
João Martins