SessionState Timeout & HTTPRequestHandler.GetURL - Invalid Permissions

SessionState Timeout & HTTPRequestHandler.GetURL - Invalid Permissions

Hi there,

I have some issue with the session timeout and the login flow after the timeout.

When the timeout occurs and a user opens a screen and preforms an action, press a button or link, he's primarly redirected to the UnregisteredHandler.aspx screen. In this screen usually we have de HTTPRequestHandler.GetURL to catch the URL from the target screen prior to redirection, the userURL.

Now, the issue is: when the session timeout occurs the HTTPRequestHandler.GetURL returns the URL from the UnregisteredHandler.aspx screen instead of the userURL, where the user was before the timeout.

This leads to a erroneous invalid permission error message.

There is an official solution to this situation?


José Queirós
Hi José,

Please use the built-in GetExceptionURL() function to obtain the correct URL.

I'm using SS and I don't seem to have access to such action. Is it from version 6.0?

Do you know what's the cause for the wrong URL in the GetURL action from HTTPRequestHandler extension? Do you know how to solve it in 5.1?

thanks in advance! ;)

José Queirós

Hi José,

Sorry, I assumed you were using 6.0. The GetExceptionURL is only available in 6.0.
In version 5.1 you should be ok if you copy the Exception flow from a "new Application" espace.
Can you post the eSpace you are working on? (only the exception flow is relevant).

The Exception flow of the applications is excactly the same as a new one. But for some reason in production the GetURL function couldn't get the previous URL, the user URL, and was returning the actual UnregisteredHandler page's URL.

In the between we have done a platform upgrade which has solved the issue, by the upgrade or simply by publishing the e-spaces.

I've found no answer to what was wrong, but it's good now.

Thanks anyway ;)

José Queirós
Hi Lúcio,

Coud you please let me know where could I find this function, GetExceptionURL?

Thank you
I found it, GetExceptionURL() is a built-in function of the Platform, available from the Expression Editor: