SilkUI end of life

Early Jan, OutSystems announced the End of Life for the widely used Silk UI framework. We are aware that OutSystems evolved Silk UI into an even better OutSystems UI, that allowed us to reuse the components. However, the discontinuation of SilkUI raises concerns about older traditional web applications and their future and support going forward.

We as partners/customers received the below communication:

  1. Starting March 2022, Silk UI will no longer be a supported OutSystems framework.
  2. Beginning in June 2022, Silk UI will become a deprecated component, which means new customers are discouraged from installing Silk UI on fresh installations. However,
    • Applications currently using Silk UI will continue to work as usual;
    • Customers using Silk UI can keep using it becoming owners of the component in their private application portfolio.

With these changes, we encourage all our current customers to consider modernizing their portfolio by adopting reactive applications as their first option for building new applications. How 

  • the community is reacting to this change (in a good way;-))
  • you are preparing/mentoring/advising customers who are not willing to undergo another assignment of migrating to reactive application
  • ensuring the apps keep running and have no impact (in a long run) due to this change



Thanks for the detailed information:)


so would it be correct to say for existing app which are running on SilkUI, the team should start looking into migration soonest possible in case that SilkUI will stop working completely within the apps?

Would you have any idea untill when will SilkUI be totally obsolete for use?


Thanks for update

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