[Key Store Plugin] While Launching the App first time its asking to Verify by Fingerprint (device bio)
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I am using this plugin for one of the Assignment in my organization.

I have used for Mobile application and creating build APK for Android device and while installing the app and launching the first time then fingerprint verification (as its my current biometric verification of in my phone) is coming on top of that to "verify its you".

Any idea why this is happening ? and how we can surpass this.

Hi Raghvendra,

Which plugin are you using?

Are you using biometric plugin? that could be because of it. can you please provide some more details so that i can help.

Hi Thanks, am using key store plugin and it basically used to stored user sensitive info in the user mobile device, am using this to store users credential on their local device if user want to check Remember me option.

we are not using any Biometric plugin as its not required in our use case, we are authenticating user based on user credentials only

looks like this is device behavior. since you are dealing with sensitive data storage on local device.

Hello @Raghvendra Raghav ,

The Key Store Plugin uses the authentication process configured in the device to allows your application to securely store secrets such as usernames, passwords, tokens, certificates or other sensitive information. 

So this is the correct behavior for the Plugin, that’s why the fingerprint screen is appearing, because this is the method used in the device.



I am having the same issue, and this wasn't happening in previous version.

With the way this plugin is working right now every application that was using it will need refactoring...It doesn't make sense to randomly get an authentication dialog the first time you try to access the secure storage.

A flow should be presented to the user so that he understands why he is authenticating on a random ocasion.

This is also happening on CipheredLocalStoragePlugin, because internally he also access the store, and this is also something that didn't happen on previous versions.

I have never seen this behaviour in any other application, randomly asking for authenticating.

Hi @Pedro I have used the CipheredLocalStoragePlugin and facing the same issue, Is there any way to overcome this? 


Hi Irfan, the only way I could overcome this was to make the plugin use the local storage instead of using the key store.

I had to manually change the plugin for this.

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