I'm trying to create a pop-up wizard.  The Wizard is comprised of a wrapper -  webscreen which contains place holders for pages and Navigation buttons.Each page in the wizard is a web-block. My question is how can i faciliate communication between the outer wrapper (web screen) and the web-blocks?
For example, say that the first page (web-block) contains and 'Edit_record'. Once 'Next' pressed in the wrapper, the webblock should check if the control is valid. The wrapper will proceed to the next page only if the control is valid.

Could also be that i'm using wrong methodology. If so, would love to hear how should it be done.

appericiate your help, 

Hi Dror,

A way you could acomplish that would be to use the NotifyWidget action in the webblocks and the NotifyWidgetGetGetMessage in the screen actions that are triggered. Check more about it in this post.

If you are using popups in the last version of 6.0 be aware that you could do the design simpler: just navigate from page to page (passing screen input parameters) inside the popup and this will resize automatically.

Tiago Simões