Someone know, How write the logic in Agile but not locally??

Someone know, How write the logic in Agile but not locally??

Hi all.

I have the next problem,  I need write: Javascript code and SQL querys, but I need to write generally  non-local.  Exist some form that I can do that
please explain a little bit further. I don't understand what you mean by non-local for example.

Look, for example I need make a Java script code and put in any buttom,
but I would like to know, How I put this code generally??? and not buttom by buttom????

Thank for your help....

Hi Esteban,

What should the buttons do ? All different actions ?

If you want to change all buttons you could go for jQuery with selectors on for instance the class of the buttons.
Check this post :
Or this one:
Hi Joop:

The idea is, for example: I have JavaScript code that change color of bottom, but this code I need write only once and only write the name of function without write all code......

I can do that


You can go for three approaches:
1- Create functions in the applications javascript property
These functions can then be called/used on every webscreen or in a webblock

2- Create expressions with javascript functions in it
Only these functions can then be used on that particular webscreen.
Be careful with the double-quotes :-)

3- Create a webblock and use the javascript property
Put this block on a screen where needed and the script can be called.

Just what you want.
Hi Joop:

Thanks, exactly is I need, and SQL querys is the same?
I think the best way is to go for actions with  record lists of specified (record) layouts as output parameters