List Navigation - First and Last Links

Currently the List Navigation Rich Widget has links for Previous, Next, and Page Numbers.
How can I add First and Last links so the user can quickly navigate to the begining or end of the list.
If there are 20 pages of data, and only 5 page links shown at a time, it takes several clicks and page loads to get all the way to the end or back to the beginning.
We would like to simply click Last to go straight to the last page or First to go straight to the first page.
Any suggestions?

2 options:

1. clone richwidgets, alter the widget and don't forget to change the css as well
2. change the richwidgets directly, but beware for future updates.

Hi Jeff,

I've made this in the past, creating a new WebBlock, "List_NavigationWithFirstAndLastPage", in RichWidgets that supports your issue.

Take a Look at the eSpace in attachment.
Service Studio version:

This is the Solution to your problem? :)

Hélder Anselmo