[OutSystems Data Grid] How to display blank instead of `1900-01-01
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Does anyone how to display a blank text instead of 01-01-1900 in Data Grid Reactive cell?
This is an read only field and I am using DateTime Column block from Data Grid Reactive.

For example, first record is showing 31-12-1899 ``11:00 PM (after timezone offset) but I want it to show a blank text.


Hi Soon,

are you able to manipulate the data before reaching the datagrid? 

If so you can apply a condition to that field:

  • IF(RecheckSince = NullDate(), "", RecheckSince)



Hi Soon

If that's not possible or look complicated you can use Conditional CSS and hide the value using it. 

Please check below links for help -



Sounds like the issue is on ArrangeData server action.

Once changed it to JSONSerailize all the NULL date has been displayed correctly.

If using ArrangeData the NULL data has been converted wrong. I am currently in Australia Eastern Daylight Saving (AEDT) time zone and I just recalled the NULL date is working fine back to October last year before daylight saving on.

But for a non-NULL date we can the date time is displayed as expected with same result in both ArrangeData and JSONSerialize.

Does anyone encounter similar issue?


Just did check on another application using Data Grid Reactive and found it has different behaviour in our Development & Testing environment, each of them are with version 2.6.0 and version 2.6.1

With version 2.6.1

The NULL date is showing 31-12-1899.

With Version 2.6.0

The NULL date is showing blank as expected.



We are facing the same issue.

With version 2.6.0, it was possible to display blank instead of `1900-01-01 even in the edit mode.
But with version 2.6.1, we can not display the blank. And in the edit mode, `1900-01-01 is coming back.

Is there a way?

Hello all,

In version 2.6.1 we fixed an issue related with required date/dateTime columns. To display blank dates, please try the
following script on the Grid initialize event:

GridAPI.ColumnManager.GetColumnById($parameters.DateWidgetId)._provider.isRequired = false;        

Hi @Gabriel Lundgren
Tried with the above script on the Grid initialize event but still 1900-01-01 00:00 is displayed.

Am I doing something wrong?

This is weird, I just tested and for me the column is empty. 

Can you send me your sample so I can better understand what's going on?



I think we managed to find the issue. There seems to be a problem with the timezone. We'll add this to our backlog and try to have a fix for it as soon as possible. For now, unfortunately, there is no workaround.

Thank you,

Gabriel Lundgren

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