Importing Entities with $

Hi guys,

I was importing some Entities from other Database, using Integration Studio, when run into this error about some Entities:

 - Entity PACTP: Entity was not modified
        Server: *****(Local)
        Physical Table Name: "****"."dbo"."$PACTP"
        Identifier: Entity has no identifier
            $PACTV(Text <- Char): Attribute was ignored due to invalid name
            $PACDC(Text <- Char): Attribute was ignored due to invalid name

The question is, Why can't I import Entities with $ on its attributes name?  The second question is, What can I do to solve this, without changing the attributes names?

Thanks in advance,

Nelson Freitas
Hi Nelson,

You create a view over the table and then proceed with the import of that view instead.

Hi Hélio,

thank you for the answer.

Yes, one of the workaround I did think was creating views for that tables. I already tryed it out and it works.

But, even so, I would like to know why the Integration Studio considers invalid atribute name.

Hi again,

This is probably to be consistent with Service Studio and Integration Studio naming restrictions.

You can check more about naming elements in Integration Studio help.

Best Regards,

In Service Studio, I understand the naming restrictions. But in Integration Studio, it should be possible to import all kind of Entities. Of course, the weird characters could be converted to an underscore or another valid char, but we don't have fault that the client or client supplier creates Entities with weird chars.