Missing Process Detail Taskbox

Missing Process Detail Taskbox



I have created new process but it shows a message "Please set the 'RequestApproval' Process Detail property to display in Taskbox"

Can anyone help me how to do so?


Assuming your request entity has a label attribute, you can place GetRequest(RequestId).Request.Label in the inbox detail property.

Hi Ahmad,

Actually, if the Request entity has a label attribute set, the warning will automatically disappear and the label will be used in runtime.
(Doing exactly the same of what Lucio said)

But looking at your screenshot I wonder why you have 2 inputs, RequestId and RequestId2. Any reason for that?

João Rosado
Thank you for your help, i do not have a label attribute, why with the recruitment sample from outsystem we do not get this message i checked the recruitment entity and there is no label attribute would appreciate your response