Chat integration (particularly

Hi there (1st post :) - chat is very important in the collaboration app I’m developing (kind of like a mix of Trello and Slack), I’ve seen some forge components, but it doesn’t really seem to be a primary focus of Outsystems (although I’m still learning this wonderful platform).

One protocol I’m very interested in is due to it being open source and able to have bridges to many other chat protocols (it’s what makes possible).

Will it be possible to somehow implement this? Or is there other solutions anyone would recommend. Chat is very important in what I’m doing, and it honestly could be a deal breaker if chat isn’t something that Outsystems plays well with (and that would be a real shame, because I’m really loving this platform).

Thanks for your time

hey @John Rooney .Your idea is great are talking about  "chat " thing. In this forum  there are various ways to communicate like you can post your answer and we have also discussion thing is here .. we have some personal message thing is also available  . I hope this will clear your issue . thank you 

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