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Hi all!

I'm using Ultimate PDF to generate a pdf from a screen of my mobile app, and then connecting it to a flow that will save the file and open the document. 

The whole flow is working correctly, with the exception of the PDF generator. It is generating a pdf of the initial loading page of the app, instead of the current page (i'm using GetBookmarkableURL() ).

I've also tried to hardcode a sample url from the app, instead of GetBookmarkableURL(), like https://example.com, but it didn't work as well - kept generating a pdf of the initial loading page.

Any suggestions on how to point to the correct url? 

Many thanks!

UPDATE || I understand now that it is actually pointing to the correct URL, however, the problem is that the url has a loading screen thus, by pointing to it, it will print a PDF of the first thing that it encounters - aka the loading screen. 

What I need it to figure out how to delay the pdf creation, to give the app time to load and the correct screen to appear.

HI @Inês Herminio!
For context, I have two applications. One is reactive, the other is mobile, both share the same core.

I saw your post and i think you can help me. I am trying to generate a pdf and save from my mobile application.

In reactive its all smooth process and good to go, but when i try from my mobile application i just cant get it to work.

I already tried different ways, but i cant just figure it out. For example, if i access my application via mobile browser it works fine, the problem is in my mobile application. Even with InAppBrowser plugin i cant get it to work.

Can you share your experience on this? Thanks a lot for your help :)


Hi Diogo!

Short disclaimer: i'm a newby with OutSystems, so I won't be of great help.

Now, about my experience, what I can tell you is that I used the PrintToPdf module to generate the pdf and then the SaveFile and OpenDocument server actions to save and open the document. Additionally, I used PrintLayout to encapsulate the document I want to print.

Hope that it helps!

Hi Inês!

Thanks again for your input!
Actually i worked around :D, but i will try the way you did it :).
Thanks anyway!

Best regards,


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