How use templates in outsystems project

How use templates in outsystems project

Hi ppl.

I need use a template css in outsystems project.
It is possible?
How I use this template?

What do you mean by template css?
How do you need to use it?
What I want and have a CSS template and can use in my project OutSystems.
I did download one and I put the code inside the style sheet and the images in thepicture but not worked.
Is there a specific model of templates for use in projects OutSystems?
Hi Renato.

No, there's no specific "OutSystems' way" of using CSS. You should set edit the style of your theme and set the eSpace and its web flows to use that theme, and you're set.

If you reference images in your CSS using relative URLs, you must make sure you include the images in your eSpace and reference them by using url(img/your_image) (where "your_image" should include the filename extension, eg: png).

If you need any help with troubleshooting, you should try using Firebug or a similar tool and check which requests are being made to such images (and what's wrong with them). Chances are that if they're not appearing, either the CSS rules are wrong or the browser is fetching the resources from a wrong location and hitting 404 errors.