Compare excel column with my entity
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Hi Everyone 

I would like to know How to compare my excel columns with entity columns, suppose If column mismatch happen I should be able to raise the exception manually using out systems.

Thanks & Regards 

Ganesh kumar

Hello Gade Ganesh Kumar,

You can  use the Excel to Record action to turn your columns in to a Outsystems structure and compare the values that way. 

If you are using a reactive App you first have to create a Upload action and then call a server actions to be able to process the Excel.

Il leave an attached .oml with an example. 

This component can also help. 

Hope it helps ! 

Paulo Rosário


I am unable to understand the OML you provided

This is my screen  for  selecting files, so if i select a particular file, and the values is not matching the datatype( for example Register numbers column only Integer should be accepted and not any text values), it should throw an error message saying that in this particular row the data is not matching.

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