how to prevent duplicate records in table

HI all,

I have one table in browser it shows me same record in 3 times how to overcome this issue..



Hi Vinith,

you can Edit the Entity and add a unique index. It will block inserting new records with the same values for the attributes selected:


Hi Vinith,

As you mentioned that table in browser, so I think the issue is about displaying.

If your source table is result of aggregate then you need to do group in aggregate.

If your source table is a List records (local variable) then you can use ListDistinct to get distinct records.



Hello Vinith Kumar

Do you only have 1 record on your database or is it 3 different records ? 

Best regards 

Paulo Rosário

One Record

In that case the problem is in the query. Can you show it to let you know what do you need to apply to make a distinct list?

Hi Vinith,

In the aggregate right click on the columns from which you want to fetch distinct values and Use Group by to fetch the unique data. For reference find the below snapshot.

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