[OutSystems Data Grid] GetCheckedRowsData error
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Service Studio Version
11.14.5 (Build 57418)
Platform Version
11.13.0 (Build 31107)


I was testing the row header checkbox feature and I found an issue when using GetCheckedRowsData + MarkChangesAsSaved + Pagination.

Here's my dummy save action:

I simply get the checked rows and mark the changes as saved. If I'm using pagination in the data grid, the first time I save, everything goes fine, but the second time the GetCheckedRowsData gives the error: 

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isChecked')

If I don't use pagination, everything goes fine; if I don't use MarkChangesAsSaved, everything goes fine as well. Here's an example of the issue:

Is this a known issue?

Currently, it is not affecting my project, but it may affect it in the future or affect other people/projects.

Best regards,

André Dinis

2020-08-05 09-00-16
Gabriel Lundgren

Hello André,

Can you please send us a sample, so we can have a better look?

Thank you,

Gabriel Lundgren

Hello Gabriel,

Attached is a sample that can be used to reproduce the issue.

Thank you,

André Dinis

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