Is OutSystems has a self entity?

I wonder if there is self entity for OutSystems?


Hi Mohamad,

Can you please elaborate your question? what do you mean by self entity? or can explain by giving some example so that it's better for people to understand your use case.


Manish Jawla

Thanks  Manish For Reply, 

I have an Employee Entity and in the same time I have a manager he is already an Employee and become a manager and I want to make this relationship { A manager manage Employee  }  

how I will do this?

Hi. In your Employee Entity you simple create another Attribute (eg. ManagerId) of type Employee Identifier. 

Here How to Find All Employees Under Each Manager in SQL |  is a page showing some simple SQL queries how to query Employee / Manager constellation which can be easily transformed to OutSystems as either Aggregates or Custom SQL.

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Hi Mohamed, 

Complementing what Stefan said, your entity would be, for example:

Managers will be considered with the field ManagerId null.


@Agno Silveira Or an employee can be manager to other employees but also be managed by someone else :-)

Thanks So Much that what I thought to do

have a nice day sir

Yeh, I got it Thanks

 have a nice day sir

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