New Video: Implementing Password Recovery in OutSystems

Your Developer Advocate team is back with another Decoded: Quick Hits video. This episode features Rui Barbosa, explaining how to implement a Password Recovery Service in OutSystems, complete with an example Forge component, and a dive into best practices. Take a look: 

00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Walking through the Flow
01:00 - Best Practices to Consider
01:50 - OWASP Best Practices
02:56 - Diving into the Code
09:07 - Wrap-up and Resources

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I learned a lot of new things from this video

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Lots of good stuff Rui, loved the video.

If i may add 1 small improvement: If max number of attempts is reached and an account has a cooling period: 

Send an email to the accounts email to inform the user someone may have tried to take over his account.

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