Cant Add row, Why?


I always managed to add rows inside my entities.

But for some reason some of my entities now when I try to create one nothing happens.

Any ideas?

I dont know also if there are bugs related to entities.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Pedro Boffa

Hello Pedro,

I try to find an entity in my project that gives that error and I cant find one :).

I try with reactive and traditional and works fine. I know this is a recent feature. Maybe will well if you share your version (Service Studio and Service Center).

Hope you find the solution.

Best Regards,

Nuno R

Hi Pedro, and are you trying to add row in the Module that you create your entities ? 

And you add something to your entities ? 

Best regards,

dont know about this problem but still,First just publish it then add rows.


Thank for all the answers.

Just dont work. I have like 20 entities and half I cant create Rows.

Just wierd. And all of those I cant create rows they are not working as they are supposed and data are not being fetched or saved inside those entities properly also, its like they are bugged or something.

No idea.

Anyways, thank you all.

Kind regards,

Pedro Boffa

Few questions:

- Can you add a row with the createorupdate action of the entity?

- do you have service enter errors when you try to add a row?

- what are the versions of your service studio and your Outsystems platform?

- cloud or on premise?

perhaps with these answers someone can help you a bit further.

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