How I do a buttom of search???

How I do a buttom of search???

Someone can tell me or indicate any link to do a search button, please...
Hi Esteban,

I strongly suggest to do the online training.
Most of your questions are covered in the excellent training.

have a go and behold the awesomeness of Outsystems :
Hi Esteban,

Just to reinforce a bit Joost's suggestions, OutSystems does have a large set of online training resources, both at the link the Joost sent you, and at the How To page, where you can find several examples of how to do common things with the platform.

Another thing I would suggest, so that you have more people reading your posts is to not use bold font for the entire text of the question, and one question mark will suffice as well :)

You'll see that everyone here is friendly and eager to help you - but it also helps sometimes to explore it on your own and see how things work :)


Paulo Tavares