[OutSystems Data Grid] Paste same data to all rows in data grid reactive
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I have a data grid table and my requirement is to place a text box at the header of a particular column and user can able to enter any text there, after clicking on the "paste" button near the input button will paste the same data to all of the rows for that particular column.

Screenshot attached.

How can I achieve this using the data grid reactive component.? or do i need to go with a custom table-like approach for this? 

Please help to sort this out.


Hi Akhill S,

For your problem you need to think in other cases like, you can do that for all elements of the tables, you need to add and delete rows quickly on screen ?

Using the Datagrid the approach I will use is having a dropdown with the elements that you want to change, then having an input to add the value you want and then a button that will run an action to save all the changes made on the grid so far and on that element you choose to change all the data save it on the database like that inside that action


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