Direct Printing from Reactive Web App
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Hello guys

I have a requirement for a project where we need to print a PDF generated or something from a screen in a Reactive Web App. The important detail is that we need to skip the step where the printing browser dialog appears, so the connection should happen directly to the printer over the network. 

I have checked the forge for components that may suit the requirement but all of them open that browser printing dialog.

The printer we need to use is:

Any ideas on how to achieve this are appreciated.

Thank you

Hello Carlos,

One suggestion: you can study the SDK documentation to be able to communicate directly with the printer. In the download page, there is a JavaScript SDK, where you can integrate with your OutSystem application. In this way, you be able to send the content showed in the screen directly to the printer.

PS: sorry, my English is not very good...

Thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate it.

I'll check the JavaScript SDK.

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