In nested List,How to refresh an Aggregate after first row is fetched? Reactive Web
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Using List in side a List, after a first row of the list is fetched from the outer list how to refresh the aggregate which is linked to inner list in Reactive web Application

If i understand correct you have a list and under that list you a have an object that is linked to it. 

For better understanding i will go with the assumption your linked aggregate is in fact another webblock.

In thaat case you have an inputparameter in that webblock and you can refresh your linked aggregate in the OnParameterChanged event.

However, this could generate a lot of server calls.

If you know which items should be refreshed (for example only those that are visible (in case of selecting items to display detail. then you can narrow it down by checking if the items should be refreshed or not.

I hope you are a bit closer to your solution.

Thank You..but this is another method we are trying to achieve as well using web block..but my question was like I am using List and for each statement, so for each list value I have another List for that list gai For each statement again another List then I have Aggregate so when first list value flows then This aggregate has to refresh

Can you show a print of your screen and show when you want what to refresh?

Because i thought my post explains just how to do it: i must have misunderstood you. A picture says more than a thousand words ;)

Thank You My problem is solved, As mentioned I have used blocks to refresh the aggregates of out List..Thank you so Much

Glad to be of help. If you notice that your screen takes too long to get all data, you could try to minimize this by not retrieving all data, but only the data you want to display at that moment (for instance with an accordeon widget).

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