Background Location Plugin for Mobile App

I'm attempting to build a proof of concept for grabbing location pings from mobile devices. Specifically I need it to run in the background.

I've tried this component:

And face the following error when I try to compile the published app to install the apk on a device.

In Android on 2022-02-11 at 19:03:53 - There was an issue generating the app. Gradle now requires you to declare dependencies using "implementation" or "api" instead of "compile". The dependency being incorrectly declared is "com.github.tony19:logback-android:1.1.1-9". Check your plugin configurations and try again.

Now I'm not sure where to look here. I tried an alternative component, had the same issue. What are my options? Or does someone have recommendations fr a cross platform background location component?

Thanks in advance

HI Steve,

Are you generating apk Using MABS 8.0?

then you need to see if plugin supports that.

Or better to raise this concern to plugin owner under support tab, he will help you if the plugin is upgraded to MABS  higher version.


Hi Steve Webb,

I am also facing same issue but now solved. Refer this post


Sathish R

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