OutSystems Reactive Accessibility Tabbing Issue

I am working on an OutSystems Reactive application, which has a screen that opens a modal on a button click. Within that modal, there is a web block. The web block contains a few input fields, checkboxes and buttons (in that order), as shown in the screenshot below. I want to be able to tab through the fields starting from the top.

In terms of accessibility, when tabbing through the contents of the web block in browser, it skips to the checkboxes and doesn't tab into any of the input boxes above it. The tabbing only cycles through the checkboxes and buttons. Strangely, when I click anywhere inside the modal and start tabbing, it starts from the first input, which should be the expected behaviour without needing a click inside the modal.

I have set the 'tabindex' to 0 in the extended properties of all inputs, checkboxes and buttons within the modal:

I have also tried setting the 'tabindex' property so that the first input is 0, the second 1, etc. That messes up the behaviour and tabs outside the modal instead. I think a similar issue exists in OutSystems Traditional too.

Do you have any alternative suggestions that I could try?

Thank you for your help.

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