My Personal Environment might be deleted
Service Studio Version
11.14.7 (Build 58100)

Hello everyone

I have received the email that my OutSystems Personal Environment will be deleted within 15 days in case I don't wake it up. Could you please tell what can I do to prevent my Environment from being deleted.

Find the screen attached.

Thanks in advance


In this header you can see My Platform. There you can see the status of your environment and wake it up.

Hi Stefano

Do you mean fetching a new environment?


Ouch. It seems you waited too long. you can nolonger wake up your environment, it is gone.

You can create a new one with that fetch option.

HI Denis Grishin 

You don't any option to do this automatically since this is free env so they will try to clean after few day if you wont use it regularly , the solution is as  Stefano Valente said you need to go to Myplatform you need to wake it up 

Hi Denis Grishin

       This kind of problem will arise if u haven't properly use your environment on daily basis and what u can do now is u can go to your environment and wake it up and u need to do the same for couple of days or more but then u have to carefully be very active on your environment on daily basis in order to avoid this kind of issue again..

Thanks & Regards,

Muthu Prabhakar

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