Search widget which provides a list to select with the help of keyword

Is there any widget or such functionality that if user search for some keyword and the list related to that keyword will be available on search widget and user can select one of them .. except #dropdown search and  dropdown tags

Hello Saurabh Sengar,

If you don't want to use a dropdown search or tags you can use an Input to filter a list.

Something along these lines : 

I attached an oml with the code. 

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário


hello Paulo Rosário,

Thank you so much for giving your time,

  •  in my case data is getting fetched from an API, like we search for a location on map, if someone search for a place name , so it starts showing list of the places related to that name , i want to achieve that functionality.
  •  I am able to get the list i just want to show that list so that user can select one of them

    Thanks & regards

That will require that your API has some kind of filter logic so you can be able to filter the records, and you will have to call your API on the Onchange() event of the filter, it won't be the best performance. 

I attached an oml with the same principle as above but using a REST API. 

Hope it helps!


Hello Saurabh,

You can achieve that by directly taking the normal input field widget and the list widget below that (visible only when some keyword is entered in the input widget). After that just add on change event action (in that action you can directly call your desired action to populated the entered keyword-related list.

Hope this helps!!


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