Syncing offline entities relationships is not working properly.
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I am running into an issue where I am trying to sync data to the local device to read-only. Everything appears to be downloaded to the device but the relationships between the offline entities don't exist. 

For example, when I try to query the GreekDatabaseOffline entity and get the house id it shows up as zero meaning it doesn't exist, but the HousesOffline entity was synced.

Is there a way to fix this?


Hello Ben Roth,

Make sure that your Sync process creates those relationships between the offline entities, those are not automatically created.

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário

Hi Ben,

As Paulo said, you need to create local entity and relationship among them with required attributes only.

Also remember the foreign key reference for server and local entity is difference (in case you are having relationship). Make sure once you are syncing from local to server then all the referenced ID should be server one not local one otherwise you will get DB exception while writing to Server.


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