Line Chart with Filters
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Hi Team,

I have requirement to implement Line chart with three types of filters like Weekly, Monthly and Custom,

1. I have label Name and count only.

 For weekly mode, For example From date - 01/01/2022 and To date - 31/03/2022. In date picker we can allow users 

to select only 7 days, rest of days should be enabled till to date.

As per 7 days selection we need to calculate X- axis value in line chart.(Day wise).

2. For monthly mode, If the user selecting any of the month, need to split it as week for X-axis. 



Hi Saravana,

What exactly is your question? Have you tried implementing this yourself? If so, did you get stuck at any specific point?

Simply posting a bunch of requirements here makes it difficult for us to help you.

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