[Service Center] Is there a prepare system in case server is outage
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11.14.5 (Build 57418)

I really want to know that Outsystems have any prepare system or web content for apologies to users when they use my web but server is outage, and make necessary announcements to users during the investigation and recovery response period?

All suggestions will be appreciate.



I'm not sure if I've entirely understood your question.

You want to know if OutSystems provides a way (possibly through Service Center) to inform users in case they try to reach one of your applications but the server they run on is somehow down, correct?

Well, Service Center is also just an application that runs on that same server. So if the server is not up and running, Service Center will also not be reachable. So it does not make sense for OutSystems to provide such feature.

What the platform does offer is an "Application Temporarily Unavailable" page for scenarios where you may want to disable a certain application and make it unreachable to end-users.

The below page will show whenever you disable an application from Service Center >> Factory >> Applications >> Application Detail (currently it only applies to Traditional Web Applications).

Hope this helps!



Hi @Nordin Ahdi

Thanks you for your answer, and yes this is the case i'm looking for.

That way you provide help me a lot for my research.

one more time, thank you.

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