organizing outsystems paid training using official outsystems training assets

is it okay for outsystems partner to organize an outsystems event like training but not for free, to other company using outsystems official training assets such as the video in the guided path ?


Hi Budi,

That's a very good question. I personally do not know, but I'll ask around to see if someone does.

thanks killian, i am just making sure that im not doing wrong things, cus my current company have been doing that for long time while the outsystems official training is free.


I've reached out to OutSystems, and I hope they will reply. I also talked to someone from an official OutSystems training partner, and they said "Official training materials not available on the OutSystems website are only licensed to Training Partners and there are royalties and the likes involved" - so training partners have official training material. 

It seems to me that it's a bit shady to ask money for training that involves the free OutSystems material, but since we do not know how OS feels about this, I'll let them comment on this.

yeah, they also made an udemy like certification for those who completing the course, while the outsystems itself have real certification. thanks for your answer though, have a nice day.

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