Shared Workspace

Hi Everyone, 

I am working on a project as a solo outsystems Developer. incase if the team members are added, i wanted to know how can we achieve a  Workspace so that we can view each others progress/make changes if necessary. Basically i am looking for answers with reference to shared Workspace in which number of people can  have access and different roles and contribute together.

As of now, The only solutions i have come across are -

Either you buy a premium subscription with Outsystems for deployment which allows access to 3-4 Members  and the other being Sharing your .oml Files with the other person.. 

Looking forward to what the community has to contribute regarding this matter.

I am mentioning my Version and Build  details as reference points for my Question. 


Saif Sheikh

Hi Saif,

You cannot add other team members to a Personal Environment. Additionally to the options you've already mentioned, if you really want to, you could share your credentials with other people so they can connect to your Personal Environment and make changes there.

Hi Aurelio,

Is their something i can do to  add a administrator who can view the progress i have made?
Its ok even if the person  cannot make changes to the module.

Unfortunately, no. In a Personal Environment, you can only have a single user who's both developer and administrator.

Ok Thank you  for the information..

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