Creating a Rest API to import Data inside a Table
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Hi Everyone, 

I am Working on a Table  which needs data to be imported using a rest API. i have tried no. of things based on what i know  but the  data is not getiing imported. I think primary issue is related to the path structure.. I am posting .oml  of the work of my Rest API - Kindly suggest what i can do to acheive  import of the data to my Table

This is my Claim Summary Page for Now

I am Working three .oml files
ClaimSummary refers to the  Display UI which needs data to be imported inside a table

Primarily need help in getting the right Module to display the data from the two .oml files mentioned below

SampleRestExposeConsume refers to the Rest api module i have created. i am able to extract data for the GET using Postman. so i think the GettablebyId is working fine but facing issues with  display and post

The URL link for TableAPI  of Get method is also displaying the data  but  issue is with the psot method and its path which is not working fine. Posting the output of POST method for refernce


RestExposeDemo is another Rest API module  with GetClaims as a method, i have created but it is not showing the documentation of the API nor displaying the data and is throwing the error 404 in claimdata summary page

I need to use either of the .oml files to display the data in my claimsummary  page and will get rid of the other one
For now the settings are such that i am using Restexpose.oml to display the data but i think the sampleRestexpose is closer to displaying the data
I am only able to  add one .oml file here . Hence please refer to comments/replies for the other two.oml files


Claim Summary Page oml file

Revmaxclaimsummarypage (1).oml

RestExpose Oml File


@Paulo Rosário
@Márcio Carvalho
Started a new question with the updated .oml files... Lokking forward for you to contribute and help me 

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